Integrated Project Abstracts

Group No. 1


Abstract: India which sees itself as a promising super power and an economic hub, is
still trapped in the clutches of various patriarchal evils like molestations, dowry, crime and
worst among all Rape. Safety for women and elderly is becoming a critical issue day by
day. Moreover when you’re in immediate danger, you don’t have critical seconds to waste
fumbling for your phone, nor is it always possible to speak. Our proposed system called
Shielded describes an automated, quick responding, reliable device that consists of
advanced sensors that monitors physiological signs in real time. This paper explains the
basic idea underlying shielded which is tosend a notification giving an instant location and
other essential details of the distressed victim to the people nearby rather than to
emergency contacts who may be miles away so that the necessary help can be provided as
fast as possible and so that such unfortunate incidents could be averted.

Group No. 2

WHIZBIN: a smart trash can

Abstract – Many times, in our city we see that the garbagebins or dustbins placed at public places are overloaded. It creates unhygienic conditions for people as well as uglinessto that place leaving bad smell. To avoid all such situationswe are going to implement a project called IoT Based Smart Garbage and Waste Collection trash cans “WHIZBIN”.This whizbin is interfaced with raspberry pi 2, embedded system. It has IR wireless systems along with central systemshowing current status of garbage, on mobile and web browser.The html page is connected by Wi-Fi, the latitude and longitude of garbage keeps on updating on the page and are being stored in cloud. Major part of our project depends upon the working of the Wi-Fi module; essential for its implementation. The main aim of this project is to reduce human resources and efforts along with the enhancement of vision for smart city.

Group No. 3

Multi-Purpose Safety Device

Abstract: We intended to create a multipurpose safety device that has applicability in myriad areas. Our device is based on raspberry pi platform, interfaced with various sensors. The device has two buttons with different functionalities. The first button only triggers a buzzer, to alarm the nearby people of the danger. The second button immediately clicks photographs in burst mode, calls the police station and multicasts SOS messages along with the location coordinates received from GPS, to all the emergency contacts stored in the local database. To further enhance the functionalities, we provided cloud support (Google Drive) for storing images which can later be retrieved by any person.

Group No. 4

Smart Switches- Monitoring energy consumption

Electricity is a vital resource that
powers day to day activities and exploitation of the same is a growing concern,
especially in trivial cases such as when we forget to switch off devices after plugging
them out, thus unnecessarily wasting energy and money. What happens in today’s world is that we take our energy resources for granted.
Focusing on electricity, there are many times you realize you’ve left your home and
forgotten to switch off say washing machines or geysers and other heavy electrical
devices. So exploitation of limited resources was our motivation for the project and our
objective is to build a prototype of smart switch. Although you can find many wirelessly
controlled devices in the market currently, our aim is to integrate devices from myriad
vendors under one umbrella be it a Phillips fan or havells light.
Benefits: Automated solution allows people access to turn on/off and view status of
devices by operating via internet. Facility to set alarms can be provided. Consumers can
analyse usage by monitoring and getting data on which appliance is consuming more

            Group No. 5


Abstract: This project aims to develop a Python based portable surveillance robot
that wirelessly streams footage to a laptop or PC. It can be controlled
anywhere around the world using WiFi. The robot is developed on
Raspberry Pi 3 using various other components. The robot has vast
utilities and features, including video surveillance, portability, remote
control, automatic path, video saving, remote video play, camera capture
and compact design. The Raspbian development environment and
Python programming languages are used to program and configure the
device. The simplicity and compactness of the device enable it to be
used for multiple applications in various fields and industry

Group No. 6

Pi WebServer and AdBlocker

Abstract: We always wish if we could easily share our collection of PDFs, DIY books, or magazines. Therefore, we try to turn a Raspberry Pi into a little digital free library one can take with him anywhere. We will be using a Raspberry Pi Zero and a WiFi adapter to create a hotspot that others can connect to and browse the digital books offered. Whenever a person wants to share his library collection with someone, he has to just plug the Pi in and they’ll be able to connect to its Wi-Fi network. We know that there are tons of simpler ways to do this, like a public Dropbox folder, but this method is way more fun. It’s especially clever as a means for self-publishers to share their books for free. It doesn’t have to be justfor books either, music files, art, games, or whatever else we’re making we could easily share that. From this project, wehave tried to make distribution of books easier and cheaper. We have used cloud technology to save our books remotely on the server. Also, we have created a Network-wide Ad Blocker. It would be really helpful until and and unless we are not using it to share someone else’s stuff

Group No. 7

“Smart Home: Home Automation, Utility and Security System”

Absract: The past decade has seen significant advancement in the field of consumer electronics. Various “intelligent” appliances such as cellular phone, air conditioners, home security devices, home theaters, etc., are set to realize the concept of a smart home. What if all the devices in life could connect to the Internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, cooking utensils. And what if those devices could all communicate, send information, and take? It’s not science fiction; it’s the Internet of Things (IoT). The project demonstrates combination of smart home technologies that targets the current generation’s needs by providing comfort and complete access to their home appliances even when away from home. In this project many home appliances are hooked up to a remotely controllable network.The smart utility component describes the design and development of a futuristic smart mirror that represents an unobtrusive interface for the ambient home environment The scope of this project also enables this system to provide an infallible as well as user-friendly security system. The main focus of this project is on Home Security, Automation and Smart Mirror by providing optimum technology solutions.



Abstract: The project uses intel real sense technology to control motor vehicle, it basically maps the gesture captured by the intel real sense camera to the motion of vehicle, for instance, a gesture of spreadfinger implies that vehicle will stop, a fist means bakward motion of the vehicle and other gestures. In case, a danger gesture, here wave, is captured, this leads to broadcasting of alert messages to the emergency contacts. These contacts are fetched from cloud, which stores the contact details along with the personal details of the user.

Group 10


Abstract: There are several technologies used for remotely monitoring and controlling the home automation system but home security is one of the most important challenges in urban areas especially for middle class people throughout the world and it is becoming a critical issue in developing countries where a rapid increase in population and crime has been observed. In this project we have proposed an unique approach for home security systems with lot of functionalities for user named as DWARAKSHA. Context of home security system requires communication with user and the product through wifi which enables real time monitoring of home very easily.  This method enables to see the images of intruder and save them for future references and maintain their data on webservers like gmail, adafruit,IFTT. Furthermore, user can enable and disable the device according to its needs. The presented solution gives important advantages for both service providers and consumers. The formers could obtain a sensible cost reduction. On the other hand, users may benefit from a higher level of service quality.

Research on home security systems has been conducted by many organizations and many applications have already been implemented. Typical exaples are home alarming system which places a buzzer or alarm to signifies the presence of intruder; another one is motion detector which uses PIR motion sensor to detect the presence of intruder;home automation system also provides security facilities. All these applications are a step towards the realization of a complete home security systems.

Another field of interest that should be made smart concerns the waste collection. All cities, regardless their size, their geographical location or their economic level, spend huge amount of money every year for waste collection. The number of bins located in the streets and the number of vehicles used to empty them are generally estimated based on the number of citizens, but the resulting estimation is sometimes either too high or too low. The natural consequence is the provision of poor service or to incur in high costs (e.g. the cost of fuel for too many trucks). Furthermore, the collection of waste, regardless the type of material (recycling or unsorted), is typically fixed weekly without taking into account the actual state of the level of fullness for each bin. The result is the collection of semi-empty bins or the trash accumulation degrading conditions of hygiene of the city.

Group No. 12

Stress Monitoring Device

Abstract: The automated detection of stress is a central problem for ambient assisted living solutions. Today, one out of every five people is struggling due to stress and anxiety resulting in acute health care issues. Owing to this increase in the number of stress induced health problems, both physical and mental, we have built a smart device to monitor stress levels experienced by individuals based on health parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, alcohol consumption and body temperature. According to various health surveys, a skewed value of one or more of these parameters may indicate stress. The data collected by the sensors is sent to the individual’s mobile device via bluetooth. Due to its portability and lightweight, the proposed device can efficiently be implemented as a wearable device linked to mobile devices.

Group No. 13

Intruder Detection and Agriculture Information System

Abstract: Now-a-days, farmers increasingly face the problem of trespassing and lack of information during agricultural practices. Our project tries to address this issue by using the IR sensor for the detection of intruder(s). We are also using the temperature and humidity sensor so that farmer has knowledge about his fields and can plan accordingly. The temperature and humidity values are stored in a file and the same is uploaded on cloud servers. This data is used for future forecasting for the farmer. An app shall be used by farmer to get the stats based on historic data stored oncloud. A database is also maintained that stores the contact information of the farmer. This contact is retrieved by the program and is used by GSM to send sms to the intended recipient (the farmer).File handling has been employed to store the temperature and humidity in a file which shall be further uploaded on cloud.

Group No. 14


Abstract: A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse or hothouse) is a building where plants such as flowers and vegetables are grown. It usually has a glass or translucent plastic roof. Many greenhouses also have glass or plastic walls. Greenhouses warm up during the day via penetration of the sun’s rays which heat the plants, soil and structure. This heat is given up gradually throughout the night. Gardening and growing plants in greenhouses is different from growing plants outside. No rain can get inside a greenhouse, so gardeners have to put water on the plants. As well, greenhouses can get very hot from the sun’s heat, so gardeners have to make sure that it does not get too hot for the plants. Greenhouses usually have vents that can be opened to let excess heat out. Some greenhouses have electric exhaust fans that automatically turn on if it gets too hot in the greenhouse. Thus, there should be a system that ensures a regular check on the temperature inside the greenhouse as well as the moisture content of the soil. As soon as the temperature inside the greenhouse increases above the optimum, or the moisture content of the soil decreases below the optimum level.

Group No. 15

Motion Activated Wildlife Recording Camera
Using Raspberry Pi

Abstract: Getting wildlife footage is a difficult task. Cameramen need to wait for hours or even days without moving to get desired footage. So, here we propose an automated system with a motion activated recording camera that starts recording only when motion is detected. This has a lot of advantages; to get the right moments footage the camera needs to be kept in recording mode for entire days or nights, this system saves battery as well as storage as it only records footage when motion is detected. The system consists of motion sensor (PIR), pi camera, GPS-module, GSM-module, with DSLR camera interfaced to a raspberry pi. The pi is used to process the sensor input to detect any motion. The camera recording is kept off if no motion is detected. As soon as motion is detected the raspberry pi sends a ‘camera activated’ message to the user, it also captures a picture and mails it to the user, records footage of the motion, which is saved in the memory card and uploaded on the Google drive simultaneously. Thus we get only desired footage from the camera thus saving unnecessary battery as well as storage space and human efforts.

Group No. 16

Phonebook kit

Abstrac : GSM modem is introduced to rectify the main limitation of the dial up modem based on its acceptance of a sim card. It is almost equivalent to a mobile communication system as operates over a subscription to a mobile operator. From the mobile operator perspective, a GSM modem looks just like a mobile phone. Using the transmission and reception pins, a modem can receive and send the messages and it could be interfaced with the PC or to a microcontroller. This property makes the modem to exist in a relevant position on embedded applications. Raspberry Pi is a high end embedded device, so an interface with a GSM modem will results in the invention of an intelligent system. As the Raspberry Pi finds its own applications in image, video and audio processing, the modem interface could develop a new path in the field of home automation, surveillance etc. GSM module,900 with a sim card for the project with Raspberry pi 2 are used. The basic functions like calling, message sending, message receiving and display of a phone are showed. All three functions were displayed successfully and a mobile phone imitation was represented.