S.No. Course Name Sample List of Experiments
1. Mobile Communication 1.     Interfacing of Bluetooth- Sending and receiving of data through Bluetooth.

2.     Interfacing of WiFi- Accessing internet through WiFi.

3.     Interfacing of GSM- Calling and sending message.

4.     Interfacing of GPS- Getting current location.

2. Sensor Networks 1.     Interfacing of Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11).

2.     Interfacing of Light Sensor (TSL2561).

3.     Interfacing of Accelerometer (ADXL345).

3. Database 1.     Basic Database programs- Adding/ deleting entry.

2.     Storing Real time sensor data in database.

3.     Extracting Minimum, Maximum and Average value of the sensor data from the real time database.

4. Embedded Systems 1.     Interfacing of Camera- Click still photo and record video.

2.     Interfacing of Audio device- Play music and record audio.

3.     Interfacing of LED- Blink LED after interval of 4sec.

4.     Interfacing of LCD- Display text on LCD.

5.     Interfacing of Buzzer- Start buzzer after interval of 4sec.

5. Socket Programming 1.     Creating local connection.

2.     Creating remote connection

6. C Programming 1.     Basic C Programmes

2.     Editor to write and practice more C Programmes.

7. Linux Programming 1.     Basic shell programmes.

2.     Editor to write and practice more shell programmes.

8. Python Programming 1.     Basic python programmes.

2.     Editor to write and practice more python programmes