Health Sensing Kit

This work aims at studying the existing technologies used for Health sensing Kit of appliances and to develop a prototype of Health sensing Kit and control of appliances using GSM and Bluetooth as communication technologies. In this system both GSM and Bluetooth modules are interfaced with the main controller chip. The scope of this system is to use GSM for wirelessly communicating and controlling the devices via a mobile phone by sending and receiving SMS via GSM network. Bluetooth is used for the same purpose but within a range of few meters, say when user is inside the periphery of the building where the system is installed. Bluetooth can be used for communicating with the devices thereby eliminating the network usage cost. This is an important merit of the proposed system. Applications of the System

The GSM and Bluetooth technology enabled health care and control systems are individually deployed in many hospital and home health monitoring applications. Automating the embedded systems with the help of these technologies has made the life of a common man much simple by eliminating the use of wires in installation which also leads to the reduction in installation cost. One can control and monitor the applications from any part of the world provided the service is available.