Smart Audio Book Reader

  1. The device can read out any text file aloud by converting the text into speech. This is the USP of our device. We can vary the dialect of the voice along with the pitch and amplitude of the voice.
  2. The device has the function to record and playback audio notes.
  3. The device is made keeping the old age people in mind. It supports an SOS button which can be pressed in emergency situation. It alerts the relatives of the device owner whenever pressed in case of emergency, by making a call and message to the concerned relative.
  4. The device supports audio books (which are available in market) in other formats also such as mp3. Hence, The device can also function as a mp3 player to play various music tracks.
  5. The GUI of the device is basic and easy to use. The device is provided with a simple keypad to help its target users i.e. old age users, use the device easily, as the old find it hard to use the complex device technologies.