Build My Own Smartphone Kit


A My Smart Phone Kit developed by Dr SRN Reddy (PI) and the team, has a patent filed as, “ A system for building, customizing software and hardware interfaces of smart phone using Raspberry Pi, Application No. 2354/DEL/2015”.  IGDTUW Transferred/ Licensed the Technology to the TRINITY Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

The kit is designed to be used for M.Tech, B.Tech, MCA, BCA, MSc, Diploma courses of CSE/IT/ECE/EEE etc as a experimental environment for various courses such as Mobile Computing, Embedded System, Wireless Communications, Internet Of Things, Programming Languages like Python, C, Shell Script etc.

Presently the Kit can be used as a Linux PC to experiment the theoretical concepts practically in real environment. It provides the freedom for Hardware interfaces, building the customizable OS and integrating the applications with the H/W and OS as a complete system solution. It is suitable for Faculty who are teaching Embedded Systems, Communication Systems, Mobile Computing, IOT etc, students and hobbyists.

The kit is developed in collaboration with IIT Delhi, IIIT Delhi, NITTTR, Chandigarh, NIT Warangal to name a few. This project is sponsored by Microsoft (Nokia University Relations) in association with MHRD (DIC&ITRA).

History behind development: It started with a question “Can we develop our own mobile phone” in 2009. Since then continuous work has been done to evaluate the need, the hardware, the software and on OS requirement and customization. To evaluate the need and to explore different options a series of summer training programs have been started for 6 week duration each year during June-July, since 2010. And as a result of all these brainstorming now My Smart Phone Kit has been created.


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