Steps for Installing and working with framework

Step 1. Install MySmartOS.exe and then Double click the MySmartOS.exe file and follow the steps to install the installer.

Step 2. Run MySmartOS Framework & Open the MySmartOS Framework.

Step 3. Insert your fresh SD card in your system. If SD card is already having an operating system, then prompt message will appear that will ask to update an SD card.

Step 4. Select your components. On the left side column of the MySmartOS framework, there are various blocks. When you click on any of the block, you will see different options available in that particular block.
Firstly, you have to decide that you want the installation for the selected packages to be done on first boot only or on every boot of the system.
Select your application specific components, which are required for building your smart device.

Step 5. Writing to SD card. Click on the write icon available on the top right corner of the MySmartOS framework. Select your own original operating system or select the minimal customized image provided by the framework image from the drop-down menu. Select your SD card and then click on the Write button.
MySmartOS framework will then start writing the customized application specific operating system image to your SD card. Once finished, you will get the prompt message of ‘Write successfully’.

Step 6. Boot your targeted board. Remove your SD card from the system and insert it into your targeted board and power it on. You will see that all the packages required for your selected components will start installing after a few seconds.

Note:  MySmartOS framework is not available as an open source tool right now. ii. Downloadable installer of version 1 will be coming soon on the dedicated portal.