Make My Smart Phone Workshop at MS Ramaiah College, Bangalore


Total Number of Participants: 50 (Fifty)

This Workshop was about introducing the MySmartPhone Kit – a open environment for design and development of Smart devices. The Kit can be used to practically teach several subjects of engineering with the aid exercises and hands-on with the real environment by exploring all the layers of Smartphone to understand various software and Electronics and hardware engineering subjects. As Prof SRN Reddy puts it this kit provides 3 dimensions of freedom: Hardware, Operating System and Software Control of the Kit. As a Student or Researcher you have access to all 3 dimensions you can study, customize and develop. The kit is truly open in that sense that it can also be extended free at any layer of the Kit.

Mobility Research Forum sponsored this event by inviting over 11 Academic institute’s from across India. The faculty members who are very technical and hands-on in nature attended the 2 Day workshop to get a hands-on walk through of the #MySmartPhone Kit. Many of the faculty member were able to use the kits during the 2 days. There were total 50 participants representing over 7 Departments from colleges around India.

The #MySmartPhone kit itself is a creation of Dr SRN Reddy as part of teaching mobile technologies for over 6 years as part of Mobile Education Kit [Mek-1, Mek-2, Mek-3] sponsored projects of Nokia University Relations, Microsoft University relations and in collaboration with other MHRD projects(DiC and ITRA).

The 2 day event covered the ideology of open access to parts of a Smartphone and ability to add and remove components as students and academic learning the various components of the Smartphone and how they inter-work with each other. The Kit also allows you to explore what it takes for a smartphone operating system to power the kit. The Kit comes with various versions of Operating Systems using Linux, Android and one can even install Windows 10 for Devices on to the kit to operate various parts of the smart phone. Each participating university was given Kits to take back their university labs so that it can help carry out the learning and contribute further to the enhancement of the kit. The Kit is accompanied by a Book which provides details of the Kit and further resources to explore and research with the kit. The Online resources for the Kit are available on the Mobile Education Kit, a part of the Mobility Research Forum

The workshop ended with reflection of the 2 days. The event was very successful as most participants carried out the hands-on session and at the same time appreciated the availability of such a kit immediately after the training. The participants from each university committed to contribute his/her areas of research and development where they would utilize the kit for further dissemination across the institutions.

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Last Updated On: 20th Jan, 2016